Our Approach to Guitar Lessons

Music is a big subject and provides a world of creative opportunities. There are so many cool things to learn and unlimited roads you can travel.

Whether you’re just starting out, frustrated with where you’re at or looking to head in a certain direction, knowing where to start and what to focus on in order to achieve your musical goals is often such a daunting and cloudy task. It either stops a lot of us before we get started, or we settle for something less than the dream we have.

The strategies and methods we’ve developed at Guitar Player Studios are so much more than your average guitar lesson.

Not only are our students able to make significant progress in their skill, but they have increased enjoyment levels as they are able to get more out of their practice.

This can be demonstrated by reading the responses, from our students, to a range of questions about their guitar lessons. Check them out!

What we always do is to start with you: where you’re at now and move forward fueled by your passion and ultimate goals.

Traditionally, a lot of teaching methods begin with working from a book, or self-teaching by watching a series of online videos.

The big challenge with this type of approach is a lack of focus and strategy based on your goals.

How do you choose which book or which video is the right place for you to start with to achieve your goals, based on where you’re at now?

We often learn heaps of cool things from various sources and end up with “islands of cool stuff” with no way to bridge them together.

The end result is that we’ve spent so much time learning these ideas, we find ourselves in a position where we can’t use them in a musically coherent way.

This is something that most of us go through and we end up hitting a brick wall in our playing.


We know we can play better, we just don’t know how to get there!

It’s because of all of these frustrations and brick walls that we, at Guitar Player Studios, have developed and refined our teaching methods to discover what your “islands” of knowledge are, and where the gaps are that are preventing you from using all that you’ve learnt over the years.

These methods have been developed based on more than 37 years of playing guitar and more than 20 years of training musicians.

One of the most powerful differences at Guitar Player Studios is that we’ve developed a way to streamline your guitar lessons, so that they are 110 per cent focused on where you’re at now with a clear path to achieve your goals.

It’s all about you and what you want to achieve as a guitarist.
Not what a book, exam or video tells you to achieve.

“You have your own story”

The only way to truly do this is to spend time in the first lesson listening to music from your favourite artists and having a targeted chat about what you like about them. This is done so we can discover what excites you musically and points us in the direction you want to head.

This is very important, because the dream and vision you have for yourself is the fuel you’ll need to keep you motivated to do what it takes to achieve your musical goals, no matter what level you want to achieve.

Your vision is what we will both be committed to working towards, together.

After all, isn’t that why you want to play the guitar?

It’s all about you and what you want to achieve as a guitarist. Not what a book, exam or video tells you to achieve.

You have your own story.

The next thing is to determine what we should be focusing on together, to achieve your musical goals.

This is where we have an open and honest discussion about where you’re at now, what you have in place and more importantly, what are the missing pieces that are preventing you from playing guitar the way you’ve always dreamt you could.

We go through a range of questions to identify where you’re at and find those missing pieces.

We will then move into having a lesson to get the show on the road.

Your vision is what we will both be committed to working towards, together.

Between our first and second lesson, I will read through all the notes I’ve taken and listen more closely to some of the songs we’ve both listened to.

Based on that and what you shared with me about your goals, I will design a course of action that we can both focus on to help you achieve your goal.

What you’ll notice is a sense of relief and excitement about your future as a guitarist, a sense that you’ve finally found someone who is completely committed to understanding you and your goals and how to achieve them.

This is clearly demonstrated by what our students say about their lessons. Check them out.

So what’s your dream?
Are you ready to achieve it?

The next step is up to you

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