How do you view yourself as a guitarist, now, compared to when you first started having guitar lessons here?

Definitely more knowledgeable and confident. When I first started playing bass I could come up with bass lines but without understanding why I thought it sounded cool, I couldn’t imitate that sound throughout the rest of the song. I’ve learnt an understanding of music and how certain sounds are made through different chords and intervals. I now know what to do with my bass and can communicate with other musicians.Carl Lindeberg

Prior to lessons at GPS I could play some basic chords to strum a few songs, however, after less than a year with Derek my confidence in moving around the neck of the guitar has really grown. The knowledge has empowered me to explore new things and appreciate the instrument and music at a much greater level. I feel as if my knowledge has extended even further after the second batch of lessons that I have had with Derek. I am much more confident with my scales, particularly my modal scales and their relationship with relative chords. I also enjoy practicing much more because Derek has given me tools that I know work and will make me a better player both practically and theoretically.Luke Humphries
Anyone can get on the internet and play a tab or copy what’s on YouTube, I know this because its what I used to do. Derek made me understand what I was playing, what the chords are and how to play them in any position on the guitar.. So I’d answer yes to all those questions, and with practise I’m only going to improve more.Peter Kayler-Thomson

It is amazing how far and how quickly I have come. Going from not knowing the notes on the neck to having the ability to write riffs, jam with others and write my own songs, is awesome! Daniel Jackson
I feel as though these lessons have put me on the right track as a guitarist, and I look forward to developing my skills now that I have the correct foundation to work with.Glen Barnaby

I am freer on the guitar, and much more knowledgeable and therefore more confident with my playing abilities. As a guitarist I now feel I have a direction path to follow that will help me develop my own original style and achieve all my musical goals. I am enjoying playing the guitar much more and there is so much to learn and experiment with. I believe through the lessons I am able to explore any ideas I may have in my head and transfer them on the fret board confidently and with ease.Evan Lewis