What are the main differences, you’ve experienced, while having guitar lessons at Guitar Player Studios as opposed to your previous experiences with other methods?

Before Guitar Player Studios I was learning how to play from the internet and other players that I knew. I found that everyone had their own opinions and different ways of playing, making it difficult to learn. The great thing about Guitar Player Studios is that the lessons are structured around my own musical interests, instead of being taught how to play like someone else, Guitar Player Studios assists me in developing my own style. Which I really enjoy.Evan Lewis
Derek cares about your individual journey and music taste and works “WITH” you on this rather than directing you to learn in a particular way. It’s very individualCherie Jones
Derek actually explains how music works on the guitar and in general rather than just teaching songs like my last teacher. Derek gave me the tools to work out songs for myself.Ellen Richter
Derek is very knowledgable and delivers clear explanations for the materials he presents. I not only understood what it was that I was doing, but why I was doing it and how it would relate to the things I’d be learning in the future. I had a clear idea of where I was headed and how to attain the goals I’d set for myself.Jordan Boone

My previous teachers were just guitar players teaching on the side, they had no real direction and ran out of ideas quickly. You actually have a plan, prepared materials, etc.Sam Lloyd
Derek’s studio is impressive and inspirational. Derek is always friendly and welcoming. Derek’s knowledge on guitar and music theory is amazing and his teaching method is excellent and aims to build a solid foundation of knowledge which is constantly being added to each lesson. Derek doesn’t just show you how to play your favourite songs but how to write songs inspired by your favourite songwriters.Cherie Jones