What was your main reason for choosing Guitar Player Studios for your Guitar lessons in Geelong?

“Confidence in the musical knowledge and experience. Not just doing teaching for extra cash, it is your passion and life, this is evident in your enthusiasm each week.
A genuine interest in students progress. A reach for the stars attitude/believe in your dreams perspective.Rod Stiles

Derek‚Äôs teaching methods were different to other music schools I’ve been to, He offers hour lessons and his method of teaching develops your understanding of music. Adapting each lesson to the student rather than a set lesson plan.Lisa Brown
I was given 5x1hr lessons as a present for my birthday, after the 5 lessons had finished I felt like I had learnt so much more than what I had tried to teach myself in 2 years, so I continued the lessons on a weekly basis learning helpful tips and techniques along the way.Peter Kayler-Thomson

Because I take my guitar playing seriously and I wanted a teacher who did also. Derek has extremely good equipment and an in depth knowledge about guitar.Ben George
I find that Derek is passionate about guitar playing which comes out in his teaching methods, very approachable and encouraging at all levels.Joe Venturino

The reason I chose Guitar Player Studios was that as a learning guitarist I was lost with no direction, I would try to teach myself how to play using the internet and advice from friends that played. I found I could play things here and there but never really understood what I was playing and most importantly how to use it.Evan Lewis