Do you feel that the lessons are targeted at the direction you want to go?

YES definitely – The greatest aspect of GPS is the tailored lessons specifically designed to suit each students needs, and being able to accommodate whichever stage the student is at, or direction the student needs to develop further.Glen Barnaby

” Because of the time that Derek put into determining where I stood as a guitarist, prior to our first official lesson, he was able to design a lesson plan which was specific to me and my individual needs. I’ve been very happy with the direction that the lessons have taken.
Jordan Boone
Yes – This was where I wanted to go but just didn’t realise I could get there so quickly.Jason Marsh

Yes, very much so. Derek was able to quickly understand where my level of playing and knowledge is and fill the gaps on the way to a greater knowledge of the guitar.Ellen Richter
Yes. The good thing about it is it gives me a strong base to work off so I can go into any direction I want. Ben George

I definitely feel the lessons are targeted at the direction I want to go. They are tailored to my musical preferences. We listen to songs from artists that I am inspired by and unpack the techniques used by them.Evan Lewis