What do you value the most about your guitar lessons in Geelong at Guitar Player Studios?

There are two key things that I most valued from my time at Guitar Player Studios. The first and most key would be the lesson structures. Each lesson starts with a intro/recap then an open relaxed question filled lesson then a conclusion with practice exercises. A very simple format that works. The second thing is the way it incorporates the style of music you like. It would be easy to just teach the notes on the neck and how a scale works but at GPS it all ways comes back to the style of music you like and how it works in that style.Daniel Jackson
I was trying to learn guitar from dvd’s and the internet and I found I could only get so far. Spending time with Derek, being able to ask questions on what I was doing wrong helped me understand the whole guitar and start to work the songs out for myself.Peter Kayler-Thomson

The depth of information and knowledge available for you to grasp as a student. It’s much more than learning to play well – it’s learning about the instrument and being able to create your own musicCherie Jones
The application of musical theory and how to apply it in your own way. You get a folder with everything you have worked on with Derek, which is handy because you can always look back at everything you’ve worked on. So it’s valuable for the future reference. Ben George

The motivation Derek gives me to play guitar and to be a better player. Each time I completed a lesson it was as if another door got kicked open!Ellen Richter
Lots of things Derek: just talking music with you; being challenged to try things that I am certain I can’t do (even though I may resist it); learning songs that have long been my favourites and noticing the gradual improvements in my playing.Sam Lloyd

I looked forward to my weekly lessons immensely. Most of all I am enjoying playing again, and I enjoy the challenge to push myself to become a better guitarist. I enjoyed learning and listening to all you had to offer both as a guitarist & a person, and I found your warm nature and professionalism exceeded all expectations I had. The depth and care you went to, to cater for individuals needs, was very rewarding and I enjoyed ‘unpacking’ all the secrets of music you shared!Glen Barnaby
A relaxed atmosphere where I am praised for achieving a goal, no matter how big or small. In depth explanations of what I am learning and the feeling I’m learning from a friend – as opposed to someone I’m paying for a service.Stephen Moore
Guitar Player Studios has given me a directional path that will help me advance my playing for many years to come. I leave every lesson inspired and full of ideas. The week that follows each lesson is spent discovering and developing the ideas that were discussed, this is what I value most from my lessons.Evan Lewis