Have we met your needs and expectations of guitar lessons in Geelong?

GPS exceeded all expectations I had, in both what I felt I could achieve and what I expected from professional guitar lessons. I wish I’d started 20 years ago!.Glen Barnaby
Exceeding my expectations. I see Derek as not only a mentor but a friend. Because of this, I feel inspired and want to stick around for long enough that he can pass his knowledge onto me Cherie Jones

At first I didn’t know what to expect, I guess I just wanted to be able to play songs without any boring theory. I soon realised that theory isn’t boring and without it you might as well sell your guitar because you’re not going to get far as a guitarist without knowing what your doing.Peter Kayler-Thomson
To provide theoretical and technical instruction on playing guitar. Guitar Player Studios exceeds those expectations because you also provide encouragement, inspiration enthusiasm and the X-Factor.Aaron Lovejoy
When I started lessons, I had hoped that I would learn enough guitar to play in front of other people. I didn’t expect to be as happy with my playing as I have. So, I guess my needs and expectations were not only met, but exceeded.Sharon Bensted
My expectations of Guitar Player Studios are that each lesson provides me with new information that I can use to achieve my musical goals. I believe my needs are definitely being met. I have never finished a lesson without having multiple ideas that I can use to explore my guitar during the week that follows.Evan Lewis